Summer is a busy time for travel (or dreaming of it), entertaining (or dreaming of it), long walks in the evening, long reading lists and long naps in the afternoon. 

woman sleeping with her head under a pillow

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In the summer our beds are transformed from cosy nests of goose down and heated blankets into cool havens of freshly washed linen.  

Summer Nights

We prefer a palette of woven stripes, handmade block prints, and light, pretty linens for summer. 

Check In | Hotel Beds at Home

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Check In | Hotel Beds at Home>

crisp white sheet set

Inspiration | Crisp Summer Beds >

The Truth About Thread Count

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The Truth About Thread Count >

Pajama Party

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Pajama Party | Our Favorite Summer PJs >

woman in pajamas

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golden milk recipe

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Recipe | Golden Milk for a Restful Sleep >

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June 01, 2022 — Laurie Furber
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