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Starting a Collection | Vintage Silver

Starting a Collection | Vintage Silver

| image courtesy of heather bullard |

vintage silver champagne bowl

Starting a Collection | Vintage Silver

The best collections are built over time, with pretty pieces that are special in some way.  Once you decide to collect something, let your friends and family know so they can add to your collection along with you.

Vintage silver is a good place to start if you're thinking about collecting something.  It comes in many shapes and sizes, and most of the pieces can be used in your daily life rather than stored away in a closet. 

bread boards silver champagne bucket

Begin your collection with things you know you'll use:  flatware pieces, champagne buckets, platters, bowls.  I tend to avoid overly ornate pieces, or things that I know I'll never use such as caviar sets, pitchers (I prefer glass or stoneware), or very tiny pieces that are both hard to use and hard to display. 

entry console louis philippe mirror

As you incorporate those pieces into your decor, you'll begin to gravitate toward the things you use most.  For me it's silver christening cups, which I use all over the house for glasses, matches, tubes of hand cream. And hotel silver wine coasters which I use as appetizer plates when I have guests and in place of candle holders for my beeswax pillars.  There's a power to displaying your collection all together, but there's a personal aspect to using the pieces throughout your home. 

engraved hotel silver

| image courtesy of pinterest |

Silver is also nice because it can be engraved.  Do not be afraid of a monogram or name engraving.  I think a monogram, especially when it's not mine, adds a touch of history and mystery to a vintage silver piece. 

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