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Small but Mighty

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Small but Mighty
A piece of art can hold so much value.  Not monetary value necessarily, but personal value.  It strikes those special chords in the owner.  It makes you smile when you see it, it tugs at your heart strings, makes your creative side sparkle, or perhaps a million other combinations of varying emotions.  When you happen upon that special piece, it deserves a proper place to live.  Or rather, a proper place to shine.  So, why not give it it's own wall?  Allowing the white space to frame the art assists in its' ability to become the highlight of the space.  Small but mighty.
small art on large wall
we love how the white walls allow this singular piece of art to standout


small art on large wall

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a vintage portrait sitting pretty in the bedroom
small art on white wall
the print in the corner of this frame adds the perfect touch of movement


small art in bathroom
we love a single piece of art over the bathtub.  it's a bold look that we can't get enough of


oil painting on wall
this vintage oil portrait is just what this neutral room needed


single piece of art hanging from wall
a gorgeous portrait getting the attention it deserves by being the only piece on the wall 

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