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We, the people of Elsie Green, love to be home. We have spent so much time making our spaces beautiful, comfortable, and inviting, so we want to enjoy them as much as possible. By that same logic, we also love to cook at home. Our kitchens are equipped with all the tools we need to feed our people, and we make good use of them.

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As we approach our kitchens' busy seasons (Thanksgiving and Christmas are our Super Bowl), I asked each of our EG team members what their must-have kitchen item is that they use every day. Even our shop boys chimed in!

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Keep scrolling to see what cooking tools they swear by:

"My Staub egg pan." -JP

"My rice cooker. It broke for a month and I truly don't know how I fed myself." -Andie

"My zester." -Sepi

"Soda stream? Does that count?" -Joey

"My coffee maker. I saw it in a hotel in the French countryside and had to have my own." -Laurie

"My mom's recipe box. It was gifted to her for her wedding and she added her favorite recipes throughout the years. That and my KitchenAid mixer." -Sarah

"My silver tea kettle. It's the first thing I use every morning when I wake up with my one year old daughter." -Anna

"A garlic press is a game changer." -Erin

"My Wedgewood stove." -Terri

"My Beast blender and a glass juicer from my mama." -Kelsey

"Cutting board. Every. Single Day." -India

"I don't really cook, but my French press is a must-have." -Paulina

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October 17, 2023 — Andie Furber