The Best Apps for a Road Trip

While getting away from technology while you hit the road can be a well-deserved respite, sometimes we need help to make the journey a little easier. We've compiled a list of our best road trip apps to help you find your way and enjoy the ride.

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RoadTripper | The ultimate road trip planning app.  It's got everything you need to plan and track your trip.

GasBuddy | Great for finding the best price for gas so you can save your spare change for snacks.

Sit or Squat | Great for finding a clean public bathroom nearby.

Atlas Obscura | This one is not a proper app, but if you access the AO site on your phone, it will show you the most interesting (and sometimes weird) sights nearby.

Hotel Tonight | Perfect for finding a well-priced hotel at a moment's notice.

Parker | Hands down the best parking app for when you need a little stretch.

Spotify | Obviously. For your road trip playlist, or try the one we made for you here. Cue the nostalgia & go ahead, sing along.

WiFi Map | Find a nearby Wifi hotspot to keep the party going.

The Outbound | For the adventurous folks, this app is a great place to find inspiration, plan your trip, find lodging, tours and other activities.

Libby | Borrow a few books on tape to keep you entertained on those long stretches of road with nothing to look at. 

Been | The interactive map that keeps track of where you've been, both states and countries!

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May 27, 2021 — Andie Furber