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Our own Kelsey has slowly, diligently been subtracting disposable packaging from her life. It's not easy, but as zero waste gains momentum as a cultural trend, more options are available to replace disposable packaging with re-usable (and pretty) options. Kelsey, this is for you:  a photo essay of beautiful pantries filled with canning jars, canisters and bottles, all beautifully sustainable.  

canning jars and copper in a pantry

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pantry organization ikea

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canning jars on wooden pantry shelf

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canning jars with vegetables

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 jars and cans in wooden pantry

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While we love our vintage canning jars, we also love Weck Canning Jars for storage in the pantry, and for carrying our big salads to the shop.  

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June 01, 2021 — Laurie Furber
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