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At Elsie Green, we are no strangers to vintage glassware. We love bright, shimmering stemmed glasses for our white wine and rosé in the summer. However, in the fall and especially during the holidays, we love to swap our clear glassware for some more unexpected alternatives.

wine in bar glasses

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We are big fans of the Gigogne wine glasses, Moroccan glassware, and stoneware tumblers to add some variety. The non-traditional shapes and colors are a nice addition to any Thanksgiving table.

elsie green pair of stoneware tumblers

We've created this little photo essay to inspire your own unexpected wine glass choices, and we've compiled a list of Elsie's favorites available now on the site.

wine in tumbler with bread

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french gigogne wine glass


short wine tumbler on a picnic

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elsie green stoneware wine tumblers


wine in a cocktail glass

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 elsie green stoneware tumblers


Elsie's Wine Picks for this Fall:

Glamorous Vintage Bar Glass
Moroccan Cocktail Glass
Pair of Stoneware Tumblers
Moroccan Wine Glass
Vintage Stoneware Tumblers
French Gigogne Wine Glass
Vintage Jam Jars

October 06, 2022 — Laurie Furber