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 One of the highlights of grasshopper summer is aperitivo. We relish long evenings on the patio with an Aperol Spritz in hand and an elaborate snack spread. It's the perfect reward after a lazy summer day of doing nothing.

aperol spritz party

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 The key to the perfect snack board is hitting all the categories. We always make sure to have a little of each of these groups represented: cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, and dips. We've curated a collection of photos to help you create your perfect summer snack board, so take a scroll below. Then pair with an Aperol Spritz and a bowl of salty chips, and sit for a while.

snack board with white tablecloth

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peaches on outdoor table

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outdoor picnic blanket with snacks

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 Snack to Basics

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outdoor summer picnic with grapes and wine

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 white wine green grapes and picnic

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cheese board with salami

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outdoor picnic with fruit

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 fruit picnic

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July 02, 2023 — Andie Furber
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