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Ode to Neutrals | White Edition

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Ode to Neutrals | White Edition

white plates on concrete

white on white.  a classic combination

It's that time of year when trend companies start establishing their color of the year. This year Pantone's color  is Classic Blue.  Lovely.  But we think classic neutrals just can't be beat.  So we'd like to give the spectrum of bright white to deepest brown the stage for a moment.  First, in the series:  white.

stoneware plates on rustic wall

the bright white of this plaster wall brings out the most subtle color in anything nearby

white sheets in white room

a white bed in a white room creates the perfect calming cocoon for the best sleep of your life.

white serving pieces

a collection in all white allows for some dramatic detail and quirkiness without sacrificing sophistication

white room with fireplace

a white-out of fresh paint instantly adds light and bounce to a room

blooming branches

no matter how fluffy the flower, if it's white, it's instantly chic

woman with white dress straw hat

nothing invokes summer as much as a loose fitting, long white dress

shirt collars on wall

a collection of vintage shirt collars all in white are a stylish alternative to a mirror or gallery wall



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