No So Fast, Fall
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Nearly every year since I retired from the corporate world & started Elsie Green, I have worked like an ant nine months of the year & played like a grasshopper all summer long.  
I have created so many sweet memories during my summer playtime & I find that travel, relaxation & time with my family fuels my creativity.  When it's time to get back to work my brain is buzzing with ideas to push my work & personal goals into overdrive.  
This year I am finding it difficult to transition back into an ant after an especially lovely summer off,  though.   Yes, my head is swimming with creative ideas & goals for the balance of the year.  But it's also swimming with sweet memories that I want to linger over just a little bit longer.  
I hosted my niece Isabella for six weeks of interning at Elsie Green, weekend road trips, Tuesday night facials, and generally living like mother & daughter.  
I spent three weeks traveling through Europe with my two daughters, road tripping through Switzerland, enjoying long bike rides in the Italian countryside, the ritual of appertivo in the evening, strolls through museums, parks, & lakeside beaches & living like locals in France.   It was heavenly.   
I spent two weeks beachside with my two younger children & my husband relaxing & enjoying their company with no worries about chores, rules, or anything but sunscreen, swimsuits & homemade ice cream, really. 
Now it is the weekend before Labor Day and I am staring down the barrel of fall.   Most certainly, I am excited for the near future with all its possibilities.   
But perhaps I'd like just one more dip in the pool.  Just one more Aperol Spritz.  Just one more romantic smooch with my husband in a quiet corner.  And just one more shared memory with my nearly grown up children that we can recall & laugh about when playtime rolls around again next year.  
August 25, 2018 — Laurie Furber
Tags: inspiration