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Neither Here Nor There | Transitional Accessories for Spring

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Neither Here Nor There | Transitional Accessories for Spring


When it comes to wardrobe, I always find the transitional months to be my least chic. I finally get into a rhythm of dressing for the previous season, and then all of a sudden I'm sweating and shedding layers. My transitional wardrobe is seriously lacking.

leather jacket with hair scarf


With my recent move to NYC, I've been living in sweaters, coats, and many, many layers. All of my spring and summer dresses are hidden away in storage, and I know once the first sign of sunshine hits, getting dressed will feel like a chore. 

bucket bag with film camera


To combat my usual seasonal slump, I've compiled this roundup of transitional accessories for spring. I'm hoping this list will keep my wardrobe fun and fresh even between the seasons.

 baseball cap with trench coat


 white tshirt jeans and slides


scrunchie and girl on bike


flowy dress with straw bag


Round out your Spring Wardrobe with these Accessories

Baggu Floral Duck Bag

Madewell Zigzag Oval Hair Slide

Beatrice Valenzuela Classic Sandalia

Made by Mary Poppy Bracelet

Alex Mill Canvas Field Cap

Dôen Petite Arlington Pouch in Liberty Fabric

Christy Dawn Bandana

Beatrice Valenzuela Ivory Silk Hair Tie

Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Lenses

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers