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Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror
We think a decorative vintage mirror is an absolute must.  It adds the perfect architectural element that draws the eye in.  Plus, you know the Elsie team always appreciates a high quality mirror selfie. 
Our usual assortment of mirrors is generally comprised of vintage Louis Philippe mirrors in colors ranging from black to gold to white.  You can spot this style of mirror by its' curved top edges paired perfectly with straight sides and a straight bottom.  We also love to collect barber mirrors, bamboo mirrors, and a variety of other vintage mirrors we find along the way.
small louis philippe mirror
a pretty little black Louis Philippe mirror in the entry
wall of bamboo mirrors
wall of bamboo sunburst mirrors
this gold Louis Philippe mirror brings the perfect balance to this moody bathroom
large gold mirror leaning
when we say stand out piece, this is what comes to mind
wall of mirrors
a wall of mirrors featuring a variety of shapes and sizes
round mirror on wall
trend alert: a perfectly round mirror
large mirror hanging over bed
we love how simply chic this bedroom is with a gorgeous large black mirror
wall of barber mirrors
small collection of barber mirrors hanging pretty on the wall
extra large gold mirror hanging on wall
we can't look away from this beautifully bold moment


As always, if you're in need of more inspiration, head over to our Pinterest.


The Elsie Team

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