What makes Elsie Green special is our people. We've got a few former corporate executives, a floral designer, an event producer, a former accountant, and a vintage collector. But we're all shopkeepers at heart, manning the packing table, giving our signature brand of extraordinarily personal service in the shop, traveling the French countryside looking for pretty things, and playing with the merchandise all day.

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Meet Alena, our operations and marketing assistant and one of our newest team members. Alena is a dog lover, new home owner, and she loves to be outside enjoying nature when she's not at the shop. We are so happy to have her with us every day!

Read along to learn more about Alena and stop by the shop to say hi!

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 Favorite way to spend your free time?

I love being outdoors and anywhere near water reenergizes me, so the best is a hike on the beach with my dog. Of the places I’ve been to so far, Big Sur is my favorite to regain peace of mind. I will never say no to a nice dinner with friends or an afternoon cuddle session accompanied by my dog, a good book, and a lit candle by my side. Recently though, I bought a house with a lovely garden, fruit trees, and a pool, so you can usually find me tending to these on the weekend because it’s a full time job to keep up with!

What are you reading right now?

A book recommended to me by my Elsie Green gals, A Gentleman in Moscow, borrowed from our little shop library. I’m really enjoying it.

a gentleman in moscow amor towles

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Favorite travel destination you have visited?

Iceland! Truly the "land of fire and ice." My friend and I lived in a van for two weeks while we drove around the country eating good food, backpacking, and meeting amazing people. I haven’t been to enough places to have a repeat adventure yet, but I really do want to go back!

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 What's your daily uniform?

Definitely broken-in denim or pleated trousers paired with an oversized silk button down or white tee are what I reach for first in my closet. I love a classic silhouette. I do tend to steal a lot of my boyfriend’s jackets if I’m feeling like I want to add some layers, luckily he doesn’t mind. For accessories, I keep it minimal and stay true to my everyday gems, a stack of dainty rings and earrings that add just enough sparkle. If I’m feeling fancy I love my kitten heeled mules, but otherwise I’ll keep it comfy in loafers.

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Did you make a 2021 resolution? If so, what was it?

To prioritize myself and listen to my body. While the last 2 years have been extremely challenging for everyone, it also gave us a chance to be still and take in our environment. We don’t always check in with ourselves, but these days we really have to in order to stay sane and healthy.

Beauty tip that you think every girl should know?

Use products that are less about “correcting” and more about enhancing, everyone loves a glow! This outlook reframes your mindset too. I find that the most physically beautiful people I know are the ones who have more peace of mind in their daily lives. Focusing on your mental and physical health really transforms your appearance! 

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Alena's Top 10 Things She Can't Live Without

  1. EltaMD UV Clear Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 46: I am dedicated to wearing sunscreen everyday and this one has a nice tinted glow to it.

  2. Dior Addict Lip Glow, shade 01 Pink: I don’t really wear makeup but there is a definite theme here -- I strive for the "glowing from within" look. Hot tip: this lipstick makes a great blush as well.

  3. Columbia Newton Ridge Waterproof Hiking Boots: These have taken me through trudging on glaciers and steep trails with thick mud, all without a single blister or that end-of-day soreness. 

  4. YETI Tumbler: This goes with me everywhere!

  5. Oral B Electric Toothbrush: Upgrading to an electric toothbrush was a game changer.

  6. NuFace Facial Toner: This is a nice nighttime ritual and I definitely see a difference if I stop using it for a few days.

  7. Turmeric Matcha Tea: I’m not picky on the source. Hot or cold, this is the ultimate pick-me-up drink. A good brand I recommend is Golde.

  8. Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses: Lately I've been wearing these every day.

  9. UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo & Conditioner: I bought this for the obvious reason, to remove chlorine from my hair after swimming in my pool, but within time I discovered that this is GOLD for anyone with curly hair— my ringlets have never looked better! Even compared to the more expensive brands out there. 

  10. Equipment Essential Silk Shirt: It's in the name, it's essential.
November 26, 2021 — Laurie Furber