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Making the Sudden Unexpected Time at Home Productive

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Making the Sudden Unexpected Time at Home Productive
In this current state of the world, most of us are spending an unexpected amount of time in our homes. As such, we have been keeping up with how our friends and family are making use of this time.  Picking up a few new books to read, supporting small businesses by shopping online, trying out new recipes with what's available in the fridge, redecorating, and/or binge watching favorite Netflix series are among the few common things we have noticed people posting about on social media.  We'd like to add one more thing to that list.  Cleaning and reorganizing the rooms and spaces in your home can, in a small way, provide a sense of personal comfort and ease in this time of uneasiness.  Whether it's tackling the pantry that you've been putting off for months, reorganizing your closet, cleaning and rearranging the bathroom, or finding a more efficient arrangement for the kids' room.  We like to think of these projects as a way of both keeping your home clean and safe for yourself and loved ones, as well as a way to allow yourself to remain busy and productive.  Take a look at some of our reorganizing inspiration.
vintage french flatware storage
your beautiful collection of vintage flatware is a great place to start.  grab your silver polish and give your beloved flatware some much needed love.
side table in your bedroom
simplify your side table in your bedroom with only the necessities.  perhaps right now, it's your current favorite reads and your cup of coffee.
vintage inspired bathroom
oftentimes, our bathroom storage can get cluttered and dirty as this is a space we spend a good amount of time in.  now is a great time to both sort through all of the items in your bathroom and clear out as necessary as well as to reorganize the storage that can be seen and the storage that cannot.
a simple and minimalistic workspace
a clean and minimalistic inspired workspace allows for a clear mind and a productive demeanor.  choose only the most important items and the items that inspire to keep on your desk.
simple and minimal kitchen
the spaces that act for function in your home can easily become crowded and unorganized.  the kitchen is, ofcourse, high on that list of spaces. sort through the shelves and cupboards to give some attention to the items that have remained untouched for quite some time.
We'd love to continue interacting with all of you online during this time.  Send us a message on Instagram, share your thoughts on our blog posts, or peruse through our online collection.  Sending positive thoughts to you, your friends, your family and everyone else in the world right now.
The Elsie Team

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