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One of the many things that makes Elsie Green a nice place to work -- we all possess a growth mindset.  We're always reading new books, learning new skills, and challenging ourselves in new ways.  Around October we start talking about our resolutions for the next year and share them with each other.  This year marks the sixth year we've shared them with all of you.  Sometimes with manifestation and a supportive group around you, you can  surprise yourself.

Keep reading for our intentions and hopes for 2022.

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I begin most years with all guns blazing to attack my resolutions. But this feels like a year to be gentle with myself. I think I will tiptoe into 2022 with the goal of gently restoring harmony to my life. I'm hopeful that by the end of the year my relationships, my personal growth and my work will once again be a beautiful symphony. And some days it will be an elementary school marching band. I'm OK with that.


I love to choose a word to mold my year around. It is always surprising how I pick something with certain intentions in the beginning and by the end of the year it means something almost completely different. My word for this year is permission - allowing myself permission to break my own rules, get out of my own way and lean in to whatever moves me. This year I am keeping my resolutions very simple: 

Read 70 books

365 days of meditation


My intent for the upcoming year is to be better about implementing routine. I feel like a lot of the things that I attempt to achieve and then later interpret as failed attempts have a common theme: lack of consistency and inability to maintain a routine. 

A couple other things i'd like to give thought and energy to in the new year:

Focus on my posture.

Dive deeper into the idea that “a lot can be extracted from less.”


I look ahead to 2022 and want to recognize and appreciate all of the abundance around me. I want to be present and live in the moment, even when things don’t feel in control or are difficult. Also, practicing the ability of zooming out and re-centering myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed. 

I’d like to continue my practice from 2021 of “more feet on earth” and bring this with me into 2022.


My goal for the year is to do one thing a day for self growth. This could be meditation, exercise, or taking the time to read a book.


This year my theme is going to “embrace it!” I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed (especially after Covid) by too many things going on at once. Consequently, I’m often too stressed to enjoy activities and gatherings. This year, instead of pushing the world away and letting anxiety get the best of me, I’m going to embrace it. When an opportunity comes along, I’m going to say “yes” and get out and enjoy life as much as possible!


I’m moving to New York City soon (a lifelong dream), and am going through a lot of major life changes. In the New Year, I want to be gentler with myself while I adjust. There will be some challenges, but there will also be a lot of things to celebrate.

And to set the tone, my 2022 theme song is "Welcome to New York" and my soundtrack is 1989 by Taylor Swift.


My intention for 2022 was to work toward achieving balance in both mind and body, as well as in life. However, a very wise woman named Laurie Furber had me reframe this intention to strive toward harmony. What a beautiful word. Looking forward to a harmonious 2022!


My goal for the  upcoming year is to buy fewer single use products and generally reduce waste in my life. I'd also like to climb and camp in at least 5 new (to me) national parks via motorcycle and learn more about repairing vintage furniture.  


I will be turning 23 this year, and I have decided that it is time for me to confront a fear that I have always had. Unlike most teenagers, I was never keen to get my drivers license, in fact I was terrified. I ended up passing my test a couple years ago after driving a car only a few times, but I never drive due to a lack of confidence. So this year, my resolution is to develop this skill, and to learn to trust myself in the process. 

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