jenna lyons denim jacket

| image courtesy of refinery 29 |

Fashion in my 50s is liberating.  I know what works for my body, I don't feel compelled to tap into every trend, and I have a capsule of basics in my closet that I just to each season with a few key pieces.  

linen jumpsuit frank and eileen

| image courtesy of frank & eileen |

At the end of each season, I make a note of the things that I need to replace at the beginning of the next season.  This year, I'm replacing some cotton pieces with linen. I love the soft drape of linen, and the subtle transparency of it.  Even if I'm wearing an oversized silhouette, it doesn't feel like I'm trying to hide my body when I'm wearing soft handkerchief linen. 

linen wrap dress

| image courtesy of buyma |

I feel like the right silhouette in linen is both forgiving and flattering. 

Yes, linen wrinkles but at my age I have stopped caring about that.  I love the casual vibe a few wrinkles give to a linen shirt.

My top linen picks for summer

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