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Letter from the Founder

Letter from the Founder

In the past few days, we've received some kindly worded but blunt criticism from our customers. To continue business as usual feels tone deaf.  I see that.  Thank you to those who gave me their  honest opinions.  I am grateful for that.  

But to use my small business as a platform for my personal beliefs does not feel quite right to me either.  Since I have never done that,  starting now feels inauthentic to me.  I'm conflicted.  I want to do the right thing, but I am not sure exactly what that is. 

Justice and empathy are cornerstones of my core set of values.  I  try to approach any injustice with compassion  and a commitment to do what I can without putting the burden on others to educate or guide me.  I try not to shy away from uncomfortable conversations with people I care about.  I try to recognize when it's time to shut up and listen.   And to see my children conduct themselves the same way gives me great pride.  

And I am a bundle of raw nerves. I acknowledge my privilege and feel uneasy about it. I know that whatever I do, it can't possibly be enough.  I know that whatever I say, it won't be quite right.  

All this to say -- I am sorry if I say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, or give the wrong impression.  I try, I fail, and I try again.  To be clear:  I stand against injustice.  I stand against oppression.  I want to be an ally to any group being treated with inequality.  To be clear:  I'm grateful for your critique.  I welcome your challenges.  I want to be better.