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The hot topic of conversation lately seems to be centered around where and how to see the best autumn colors. More and more people are booking flights to far flung locales to see this magical shift of seasons. It is a whole vibe. It combines sweater weather, the smell of baked goods, and a warm cup of chai with the thrill of kicking crunchy colorful leaves underfoot. A chill is in the air and smells crisp and smoky. Fog may creep in, and that just adds another layer to natures color palette.

Us Elsie gals all have a taste of wanderlust, and have cultivated a very inspired list of favorite spots we have visited that we love sharing with each other. In fact we often share full past itineraries, and get so excited to see what the rest of the team may have already seen. It's a shared experience in a way.

We seem to have a mutual desire to see the leaves change color. Maybe it is in the knowledge that this colorful season is so fleeting, it almost feels like you are in on some beautiful secret. 

Read on for our top destinations to see autumn foliage around the world.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Rhode Island Leaves Elsie Green Inspiration Guide

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In a word. Iconic. Peeping the trees color change reflecting off of the seemingly endless coastline is truly natures gift. October and November chills bring a crispness to the air which only adds to the charm while wandering the steep history of the homes on Benefit Street. Rhode Island itself in uniquely small in size, and taking day trips to Newport or driving the Gloucester Loop and Farm Coast Foliage Drive are easily done.

Check into an old Dye House to feel a part of the rich Rhode Island history.

Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada

Autumn Boats Elsie Green Inspiration Guide

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The 6 charming villages that make up the Charlevoix region in Quebec take on a whole new persona in the autumn months. Whale watching is a completely different experience when the backdrop is as jaw dropping as the hills behind you. Blanketed in every rich leafy color, farm to table terraces entice you after a long day meandering. When traveling to Quebec, food is often a main attraction, and the seasonal fare in Charlevoix is the perfect antidote to adventuring the serene fall vistas. 

Check in to the historic Le Manoir Richelieu.

Stowe, Vermont, USA

Leaf Peeping Elsie Green Inspiration Guide 

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Cider mills, iconic covered bridges, gondola's soaring over the town of Stowe giving a birds eye view of the changing colors, hikes amongst the trees and waterfalls, and a scenic auto route make this corner of Vermont a leaf peepers paradise.

Check in at Talta Lodge and immerse yourself in all that Stowe has to offer.

New York City, New York, USA

Autumn in New York Elsie Green Inspiration Guide

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I am a firm believer that New York is never a bad idea, no matter the time of year. But there seems to be a little extra magic sprinkled over the city during the autumn months. There have been many odes written of autumn in New York in song form, and all it takes it spending a day wandering Central Park in late October to understand why. Fall street fashion is on display, the cafes are dusted with the falling leaves, and everyone seems happy. The city is bathed in a whole different light. I honestly can't think of anything better than running out the door with my favorite beret and scarf, grabbing a hot coffee and treat from Dominique Ansel Bakery and spending the day wandering from one amazing bookstore to the next. 

Check in to The Greenwich Hotel and pretend you are Meg Ryan in any iconic autumnal movie.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Leaf Peeping Amsterdam Autumn

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I have a hard time imagining a more beautiful sight than autumn leaves and twinkling lights along the canals of Amsterdam in October. Magic defined.  The cozy ambiance the canals provide during a stroll through this breathtaking city is second to none. The vibrant leaves against the moody buildings is a sight one should behold in their lifetime. Take in the colorful leafy reflections off of the water, ride a bike through the parks and head to the Vondelpark. Or simply find a cafe with outdoor seating and have a local beer while watching the world go by.

Check in to The Hoxton for a view of a Dutch Windmill.

Bon voyage!

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October 05, 2023 — Sarah Guenter