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It's Nice to be Back

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It's Nice to be Back
Oh France, we have missed you so!  It's always nice coming back to the place we love oh so much.  It's a perfect opportunity for us to hit the refresh button.  About this time, we are of course more than ready for new merchandise to fill the shops.  But more so, we are in need of some fresh inspiration.  Traveling has that special ability to shake things up and introduce you to new ideas.  New food, new people, new everything.  Even after all these years of traveling to France, Lyon specifically, we still leave with something new.
chic french bedding
Hotel Monarque in Chartres
cozy french restaurants
Pretty little restaurant in Chartres
old european building
Cathedral de Notre Dame de Chartres
restaurants on the water
Spotted, the cutest little dining area by the water in Chartres
scenes from european travels
Find us here with an espresso and our favorite book
scenes from france
Oh hello there, mister
steps in chartres france
Does the European architecture ever got old?  We think not
cathedral de notre dame de chartres
Cathedral de Notre Dame de Chartres
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