Summer is all about bright, shimmering glassware for our florals. But in the fall, we like to switch it up by swapping our Moroccan glass and vintage vases for stoneware vessels. The grey, stone, and clay shades create the perfect balance of soft and rustic.

 elsie green stoneware at the barlow

There is nothing we love more than fresh, blooming flowers paired with crocks, stoneware bottles, and vessels of all shapes and sizes.

flowers in vintage cheese pot

| image courtesy of becky's farmhouse |

We've created this little photo essay to spark some inspiration on incorporating stoneware into weekly run to the flower market.

stoneware pitcher green white florals

| image courtesy of little upside down cake |

vintage stoneware urn


dark stoneware vase with red branches

| image courtesy of interior design |

stoneware urn with flowers

vintage stoneware vessels with florals in a hallway

| image courtesy of ld shoppe |

branches in vintage stoneware urn

| image courtesy of daly digs |

 kitchen table with stoneware vessel

| image courtesy of daly digs |

We've also compiled this little roundup of the most beautiful EG stoneware pieces fresh from France:

Vintage Stoneware Crock
Petite Beer Bottle with Handle
Chic Stoneware Bottle
Small Stoneware Pitcher
Vintage French Mustard Pot

vintage stoneware bottle with flowers elsie green

Laurie Furber