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I’m headed to Kona today.  My friend Clay has invited me to visit him in his remote island house many times over the years, and I’ve never found the time.   But in recent years I’ve learned that finding the time doesn’t always mean finding long stretches of time.  Sometimes it can mean finding minutes, hours, or a few days.  

Last summer Katie and I engineered a seven hour road trip to have lunch with my favorite uncle and it reminded me - spending some time is better than spending no time at all.  So I coordinated a three day trip in December with all the kids to see NYC at Christmas.  I must admit there was not a lot of time for free play, but we had the time of our lives chasing Christmas trees, eating bagels and shopping the Christmas markets. We all departed on Sunday full of cheer and happy we’d made the effort.  Read 72 Hours in NYC for our quick trip itinerary. 

And now I’m on a plane bound for Kona for four days including my arrival and departure days.  Clay very graciously agreed to my itinerary, given that it’s a two hour drive between two volcanos to come fetch me from the airport. Thank you Clay.  I am looking forward to two lovely days with my friends, and while I wish it was more, I feel so lucky.  

My next mini-break is not yet planned, but that’s the beauty of a quick trip - there’s always time.  

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January 10, 2024 — Laurie Furber