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Home Spa | Eucalyptus Steam Shower

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Home Spa | Eucalyptus Steam Shower


In the last couple years, I've been spending more time at home than usual. I'm sure you can relate. In an effort to maximize my space and make it as comfortable as possible, I've been adding little things here and there that give my home that special something.

eucalyptus tied to a cutting board


One of my favorite upgrades I've made is hanging eucalyptus in my shower. Once a month, I add some fresh eucalyptus leaves to my basket when I'm grocery shopping. I hang it from my shower head, and it has leveled up my entire shower routine.

eucalyptus shower head bathroom


The hot steam from your shower releases the eucalyptus oil, which has been said to provide stress relief, muscle relaxation, and respiratory health benefits. It's a subtle, simple change that can make your bathroom feel like a spa.

eucalyptus shower bathroom


Lather. Breathe deep. Rinse. Repeat.

eucalyptus closeup


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