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I love resolutions. Each year feels like a fresh start to me, full of possibilities. And I have a February birthday, so if I have a slow start in January, I can always start again on my birthday. But this year is unique, and the resolution I make feels like a huge responsibility to myself and to the people around me. 

Years ago when I was a young working mother trying to balance the demands of parenting, career, home and relationships, an important figure in my life told me "you're not looking for balance, you're looking for harmony." That simple statement helped me mentally re-frame what felt to me like chaos. I stopped thinking of the elements of my life as competing priorities and started thinking of them as parts of a whole, like a symphony.   

Some days my harmony was more like an elementary school marching band, but still, it was progress.  

Now, nearly 30 years later I find myself at a crossroads and that chaotic feeling has returned. The coming year will hold big changes - some I am excited to navigate and others I am dreading. So I come back to the concept of harmony.  

I begin most years with all guns blazing to attack my resolutions. But this feels like a year to be gentle with myself. I think I will tiptoe into 2022 with the goal of gently restoring harmony to my life. I'm hopeful that by the end of the year my relationships, my personal growth and my work will once again be a beautiful symphony. And some days it will be an elementary school marching band. I'm OK with that.  
January 03, 2022 — Laurie Furber
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