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Got It In the Bag


One of my longest-standing debates with my little sister is over the power of the handbag. She leaves the house holding her keys, phone, wallet, and everything else she needs just in her hands and pockets. I, on the other hand, have been a handbag girl since I was 13.

brown leather structured handbag for spring


When you invest in high quality handbags in timeless silhouettes, you can have them forever. Personally, I stick to neutrals, reds, and my personal favorite for spring: straw.

patterned straw bucket bag


This spring, I'm mixing my collection of classics with some on-trend pieces. Now all I need is a book and a bottle of rosé, and I'm ready to take myself on a date to Prospect Park.

round moroccan straw tote with striped tee


white button down with straw bag


wool coat with brown saddle bag


 jeans with black leather saddle bag


white pants with leather jacket and leather bag


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