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Gifts for the Baker

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Gifts for the Baker


While Thanksgiving isn't a gift-giving holiday, we never arrive at someone's house empty-handed. Even if it's something small like flowers or a specialty salt, it's the perfect way to thank someone for inviting you into their home. So, we have become the masters of the hostess gift.

tart crust in white mold

Since Thanksgiving is so deliciously food-focused, I've compiled this list of gifts for the baker in your life (who may even be hosting your holiday meal). Read on, and see which one calls out to you for that friend who's always trying out new recipes.

 different apple tarts on white plates


 Gifts for the Baker

gifts for the baker

1. Hand Pie Molds 2. Vintage Pie Server 3. Brass Measuring Spoons 4. Vintage French Madeleine Molds 5. Pair of Vintage Pastry Cutters 6. Vintage Fluted Tart Mold

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