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Gift Wrap Outside the Box

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Gift Wrap Outside the Box


Here at Elsie Green, I am surrounded by women who are much chicer than me. Going to work every day and seeing what everyone's wearing is like a little friendly competition, and always makes me want to up my own fashion game. I am always coveting Sepi's perfectly chosen basics, Michele's chic denim collection, Terra's cozy knits, and Kelsey's newest vintage find. And luckily for me, their flawless taste extends to everything.

black and white photos on brown gift wrap paper


Recently, Michele, Kelsey, and I were talking about our Christmas plans on the packing table. Kelsey mentioned some new ideas she had for her gift wrap this year, and it got me inspired to step outside my comfort zone of butcher paper, newspaper, and twine this holiday season. Like I said, the Elsie Green ladies' flawless taste is everywhere - especially in the details. 

black on black gift wrap paper


I've collected my favorite gift wrap ideas for this Christmas here, to help you get in the holiday spirit with us.

Polaroid Gift Tags

polaroid gift tag


When Michele said she was trying out holiday-themed Polaroids as gift tags this year, I said say no more. As an amateur photographer myself, this idea felt super personal and customizable to my recipient, which I loved. 

Hand Stamped Wrapping Paper

hand stamped gift wrapping paper for christmas


I love when something is handmade, especially around the holidays. Hand stamped wrapping paper (made with simple butcher paper and black ink) adds a personal touch to your gifts, even if the gift itself isn't quite handmade.

Foraged Flora

gift wrap for christmas with leaves and flowers


At Elsie Green, fresh flowers and greenery are a must. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is all the fresh pine scent in the air. Adding sprigs of holly and pine needles to your gift wrap is the perfect way to pass along that little bit of cheer to all your people. We love it when paired with classic brown butcher paper and twine.

Painted Details

hand painted bows on wrapping paper at christmas


I like to be as minimalist as possible this time of year. I've never been one for fancy bows or store-bought wrapping paper, and these hand-painted bows and details match my color palette and minimalist taste perfectly.

Linen on Linen

linen wrapped presents


We all have extra linens in the back of our closets, and I love to break them out at Christmastime to give my gifts a little soft touch. Bonus points if you can make a ribbon out of the fabric's edges and recreate this monochrome look. 

 I always feel like the gift wrap should be just as special as the gift inside: designed specially for the recipient and a reflection of their personal style. Any of these gift wrap ideas will leave your loved ones thinking about your gift long after the holidays are over.


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