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We've Been Renovating...

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We've Been Renovating...

We’ve Been Renovating...

Websites are like houses.  You love them when you move in, but then slowly, they need a little work, then a little more, then they're ready for a complete renovation.  

Our beloved was like that cute rancher that was built in the 70s.  Great bones, but a little rickety, and aging poorly.  So we took her down to the studs and built her back up to be an even better version of herself.

After a lot of work behind the scenes, a flurry of French dust and a bit of magic, we're ready to unveil the new  

On the surface, she's clean and chic, with big, pretty pictures.  But dig a little deeper, and you'll find she's quite charming in many other ways:

  • She's mobile friendly, so you can shop, research or read our blog posts on the fly.
  • The shopping navigation is much simpler so no more wondering "where on earth did they put the flatware?"
  • You'll find the search to be dreamy:  it's much more accurate, and you'll see images along with product names.  We think you'll like that.
  • How many times have you been locked out of your account on the OG site?  No more.  The account function is much smoother, and so is the password recovery function.  That will be very nice as you're trying to remember your password on a Sunday morning so you can get that re-tinned copper stockpot in the email.  

A few things that will make your first journey through the new site super smooth:

  • The grey bar at the bottom of the shopping and checkout pages is important.  That's where you'll find the price, where you'll see the checkout button, and other good things.   If you're looking for something, check the grey bar.   
  • When you select an item on your laptop, a preview window will pop up.  If you'd like to see more, there is a "view product details" link on the left side of the grey bar.  Just click there.  
  • If you want a preview of shipping charges as your order is coming together, go to your cart, and click the  "calculate shipping" button on the grey bar.  

Come in, look around, and feast your eyes on our new updated design.  We think you'll feel right at home.  

Images courtesy of houzz, leslie santorina and bianca sotelo


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