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Found, Collected & Ready for Your Home

We LOVE to find beautiful stoneware on our travels throughout central France. We imagine that someday our house will be filled with the most stunning stoneware vessels.

In this weeks photoshoot, we really wanted to highlight stoneware and all of its beauty, so we snapped photos in its messiness as well as all styled up! The perfect combo, right? Stoneware is the perfect accessory for your kitchen, living room or wherever else your heart desires.
We tend to gravitate towards lighter stoneware, but always love when we find pieces that are deep brown &/or speckled. 
We're all about the ferns lately. Bye pampass grass! Just kidding. We will never say bye to that. 
Style tip: to spice up your shelf, fill a bowl of tiny stoneware pieces like escargot pots, or make a stack of mixing bowls! It's the perfect way to add height and fullness to your shelf.
We love adding a bread board under our centerpiece display. Beer bottle with greenery? Yes, yes.
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