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Fete en Blanc


Fete en Blanc

We do love a holiday party.  The easiest party to plan and host is the traditional French Fête en Blanc, inspired by  Dîner en Blanc, a pop up picnic held in Paris each year since 1988.  Now it's a worldwide event,  typically held in the summer, but we think it’s perfect for the winter as well.  

I'll always remember my first (accidental) Fête en Blanc on our first Elsie Green shopping trip in the French countryside.  We arrived at our Maison d'Hôte after dark and our hostess said she was not quite ready, but we should make our way up the hill to a nearby castle, have a drink and when we returned, she'd have dinner for us.  We had a beautiful stroll through the castle, and when we returned, our hostess had transformed the dining room into a white wonderland sparkling with candlelight and alive with French music.  And the room smelled deliciously of a ratatouille tart.  None of the plates, glasses, linens or flatware matched, but it was pure magic.  

The days of packing shoulder to shoulder into an outdoor venue are behind us (for now).  But the spirit of a Fête en Blanc is just the thing for an intimate night at home.  

Guests wear white, the table is set in white, and candlelight and music set the mood.  So simple, and so chic.  Even if you’re just hosting a dinner for two it can be a magical experience.  

See our Whites Pinterest board for some monochromatic inspiration for your decor >

Since you'll be staying in, we think this is the perfect opportunity to dress up in some pajama inspired fashion.  See our post on Fête en Blanc fashion inspiration >

Set the mood with our Fête en Blanc playlist >

If you need a few white touches for your table, or some candlelight to add a bit of sparkle, shop our Fête en Blanc collection >

Start the evening with the classic French Kir Royale served in our Classic Champagne Coupe

Fete en Blanc


Our Fête en Blanc Menu

Fresh Baguette with Butter

Salade Lyonnaise

French Cheese Board

Fete en Blanc


And for dessert, a Coconut Custard Tart, the prettiest all white finish, and if you feel like lingering, a White Lady from David Lebovitz' book Drinking French >

Bon Appetit et Bonne Fête!

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