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Like most things after 50, fashion gets easier in some ways and it gets harder in other ways.  I've had more than 50 years to hone my personal style and I know what works for me.  On the other hand, not all silhouettes fit like they used to, and heels are out of the question most days.  

In the years (I won't tell you how many) since I turned 50, I have learned a few things that have made dressing easier and more fun.  

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Know your body. 

I have learned that not everything can or should be on display at the same time.  I like to show a little cleavage or a little leg.  And my waist is not as snatched as it once was so I don't show that off as much as I used to.   I've traded my fitted t-shirts for looser silhouettes or linen or cotton button downs.  

Pay attention to fit. 

I have found that I'm not as big as I think I am, and garments that are a size too big do not actually hide anything.  With dresses or trousers, I've started buying them in a larger size and having them tailored to my body.  With jeans, I have learned to put in the time and find those that fit perfectly and then buy them in a few colors and washes.  And I invest in lingerie that fits.  No more saggy drawers or bras that are a smidge too small.  

Less is more. 

For me, simplicity has become more important as I age. My closet has been edited down to well tailored pieces that fit me and all kind of go together.  A well cut black button down with jeans and sandals or a slip skirt with a tee and sneakers are go-tos in the summer.  Jeans, my favorite cowboy boots, a cashmere sweater and a chic coat are staples for winter.  And I love a monochromatic look like a navy sweater with navy trousers.  Boring, maybe.  But I generally always feel put together, and I think that's the secret to looking put together

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Don't be afraid of old favorites, just adapt.   

I still wear shorts in the summer, but with a light crew neck sweater or a button down rather than a fitted tee.  

My very favorite fashion staples now are


Everlane Rigid Slouch

Button Down Shirts

In Bed Store 100% Linen Shirt


Mango Button Knit Cardigan


Aritzia Wilfred Twirl Skirt


Anthropologie Classic V-Neck T





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