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I am currently in the packing list stage of a dream summer vacation to Greece. It is literally right around the corner. And it has me thinking about one thing: summer dresses.

Typical me is singularly focused when it comes to fashion, regardless of the season. And that focus is on black. I know what I like, and in my '40's, I know not to apologize for it. So here I am, not apologizing for wearing black in the heat of summer.  And if you know your style and what works for your body, you can break any "rule" as far as I'm concerned. 

However, this summer I am breaking out of my own set of fashion rules by adding some pattern and color into the mix, and I am here for it! 

Linen shirt dresses, silk slip dresses, a-line dresses and t-shirt dresses are all staples in the summertime, and they tend to be the silhouettes I reach for time and time again. Typically in black, of course, but sticking with these classic shapes and adding classic patterns like ditsy florals, checks, stripes and polka dots keep it feeling like me.

Because I have had decades to hone my personal look, and having a feminine/masculine outlook on fashion that makes me feel like I am in my second skin, when it comes to keeping it light with summer dresses, it is so nice that I don't need to throw that formula out the window. A summer dress paired with an oversized blazer, and voila! I feel like me.

At this stage of my life, I want less fussy details and more focus on the fit and structure. Nothing to me is less attractive, or more distracting, than constantly needing to readjust my outfit.

I am packing light for my adventure, only taking a carry on, so everything needs to be versatile. I want everything to be comfortable and easy for day to night with only a change from sneakers to sandals,  no jewelry to gold accessories, and a makeup free face to a bold lipstick for night. All of this can be achieved with the right summer dresses. 

I want to be able to grab my Moroccan tote, throw on my favorite sandals and go. Having summer dresses in my wardrobe that make me feel like me, make this ready to go outfit a reality. Effortless.

Scroll through for my summer dress inspiration and shop the summer dresses I am lusting over the most. 

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