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Fall Is in the Air

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Fall Is in the Air
That little chill in the air has officially arrived here in Northern California. The change of weather has us preparing for the long cold days ahead. We're spending the weekend participating in your typical fall festivities, like visiting the pumpkin patch and having a Hocus Pocus movie marathon with our girlfriends. Does this sound similar to you? We're very excited. But with all that fun ahead, we're also making sure we take sometime for ourselves & practice a little self-care & alone time. This looks a little bit like, making homemade soup, lighting our favorite candle, reading an inspiring book, sipping ginger tea and taking a long hot bath. With so many ideas out there these days, we put together a list of our favorite recipes & other finds to help carry you through this change in season. Enjoy! 


Miso Soup


"I’ll happily sit over a bubbling cauldron and make an immune-boosting, nutrient-rich brew to help ward off October germs" - Erin Boyle,

Exactly what you said, Erin. She just shared this recipe for veggie dashi with ginger and turmeric. How perfect does this sound right now? We're on board & plan on making our own version this weekend right after our farmers market haul tomorrow morning.



Ginger Tea


We love Erin Boyle's blog, Reading My Tea Leaves, which is why we're double sharing from her blog this time around. Last month she shared a simple recipe on how she makes her own ginger tea. With ginger being good as an anti- inflammatory fix, as well as good for the skin, we knew this would be the perfect little wellness fix for us right now. Find the recipe here!




Sweater Weather


It's sweater weather now & we all need the best sweaters for this time of year. What do we look for? Affordability, good quality & the ultimate coziness.  A couple of us Elsie girls recently purchased sweaters from Everlane & we are absolutely hooked. They're everything we could hope for in a sweater. Get yours now before they sell out! You won't be disappointed. 




Milk and Honey


Light your favorite candle, get your favorite blanket and cuddle up to some poetry. Rupi Kaur is one of our favorite authors these days. Her first book, Milk and Honey is a collection of poems written by her when she was 22. All relevant to each of us - you won't be able to put it down. 


In other news:

  • Your must-have all girls playlist 
  • Did you know, we have the most perfect cozy bedding for fall?  We just restocked too!
  • The Oak Grove shop is open tomorrow from 9-4 and the Sebastapol shop is open from 10-6! 
  • Our dear friend Grant Gibson is coming to our Oak Grove shop next Saturday for a signing of his new book. Sign up for our email on our website to get more of the details. 
That's all for now!
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