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Events, The Elsie Way

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Events, The Elsie Way
As the warm weather starts rolling in, the Elsie Team has begun preparation for our upcoming Summer events.
Each event allows for the expression of our treasures in their own unique way.  The process of planning and executing a special event is a calming experience for us.  Each of the Elsie team members has a hand in the preparation and implementation of every event.  From the beginning steps of creating the aesthetic and floorplan, to packing the boxes and truck, to showing up the day of ready to work, our team functions together to create one unforgettable event at a time.  Our goal for each event is to create a space of beauty that leaves those who attend even more inspired than before.
Laurie, myself and Kelsey jumpstart the creative process for each event. We begin by discussing our dreams and desires for the event and follow those discussions with the creation of a Pinterest board to capture our thoughts in photo form. A mood board of sorts.  It’s kind of our jam.

Take a look...

Chateau Sonoma, Memorial Day Weekend

photo by Jessica Tremp

photo by Jacqueline Par for Could I Have That?

photo from theurbnite


West Coast Craft, June 8-9

source unknown

photo from Hanna's Room

photo by Rich Stapleton for Cereal

Editor’s Note:
One of the many reasons why I love working at Elsie Green is because of the complete creative freedom each of us are given.  Being granted the space to think artistically is not something I was used to when I first began working here. Learning to express myself and my thoughts in different ways is a tool I will never take for granted.  When Kelsey first told me “put your ideas onto a Pinterest board and let’s meet again,” I never looked back.
Can you tell I really love this team?
The Elsie team and I hope to see you all out in the world soon.
Make sure to visit the Workshops and Events Page on our site to find out where we will be next.
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