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The Holidays Are In Full Swing

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The Holidays Are In Full Swing
The first day of December always sparks a mild bit of panic. There are to-do lists, shopping lists a mile long, and an endless amount of holiday cookies to be baked. Where has this year gone? 
The Holidays Are In Full Swing
We finally got our copy of Remodelista's new book, The Organized Home: Simple, Stylish Storage Ideas for All Over the House. We are so excited to put all of their tips to good use in our own homes (just in time for the holidays!). Here's a sampling of what you'll find inside: 
How to Stay Organized: The seven daily habits to adopt now.
Insider Trade Secrets: Storage tactics from boat builders, kindergarten teachers, hoteliers, and other pros.
Inviting Entries, Large and Minuscule
The Kitchen Inventory: What You Need and What You Don’t 
Simple, Presentable Storage for the Bath
The Secret to an Orderly Closet (Hint: tools from the office come in handy.)
Workspace 101: The disappearing desk and other setups.
DIY Cord Control 
Alternatives to Plastic for Every Room
Donate, Sell, Swap: How and where to get rid of  unwanted stuff.
    The Holidays Are In Full Swing
    Every Winter we always book a little weekend getaway to somewhere warm. That way we have something to look forward to on the calendar. This year we are smitten with the new Native Hotel in Malibu (once famed as the Malibu Riviera Motel). 
    "In dire need of a complete overhaul, the new hotel owners turned to Los Angeles-based creative design agency Folklor to handle the renovation—giving the hotel a new contemporary look while preserving its old paradise charm."
    And if you need anymore convincing after taking a peek at the photos, the chef serves coffee out of a sweet little airsteam trailer in the morning for guests! Our bags are already packed!

    The Holidays Are In Full Swing
    As we are getting the shop and our homes decorated for the holidays, we are always on the hunt for new decorating ideas that don't involve a tree and ornaments. One of our favorite places to look for inspiration is Si's, of French By Design, blog. Every year she does a round up of non-Christmas tree related holiday decor. She posted a little teaser of simple holiday decorations (see the entire post here).
    The Holidays Are In Full Swing
    That's all for now. Happy decorating! 
    Xx EG
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