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Friday Thoughts

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Friday Thoughts
Hello beautiful velvet couch. We'll take one please! We came across this beautiful piece of furniture and our jaw instantly dropped. With the weather getting even colder, we keep gravitating towards all things cozy. 
Petit dinner for two is always necessary, especially this crazy time of year. Although this little spot is located in Copenhagen, we suggest making rezys at Frances for a similar romantic feel. Side note: If you have room for dessert - don't pass it up.  
Our favorite bloggers are now sharing their gift guides for this holiday season. Here are a few we're really into... 
Other thoughts:
The Crown on Netflix is a MUST
Heath Ceramics Market this weekend 
We'll be at the shop until 4 tomorrow. So come on in and say hi. The music will be playing, decorations are all up and the espresso will be brewed! 
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