I don't buy much any more. I have learned from my Parisian friend Philippine not to get too caught up in trends, to invest in classic, quality pieces that will last for years, and to stick with what works for my body.  

But every season, there are a few things that I invest in that will update my wardrobe, without breaking any of Philippine's rules. Most things I buy are measured against my mom's leather trench from the 70s. She gifted it to me a few years ago and it's the most perfect, classic piece in my closet. Last fall I set my sights on a three piece suit, a pair of not-so-western boots, and a dramatic gold ring.   

three piece suit

| image courtesy of saint art new york |

It took me almost a year to collect everything, ending with a vintage Valentino jacket I bought for a song in a Hudson NY vintage shop that perfectly completes my suit.  

I finished last year's list just in time for fashion week. But as I said, I try not to get too caught up in the trends. This year I'm looking for a long pleated skirt, something in the perfect red, and something sheer for a holiday party. If it's both sheer and red, all the better. 

Read on for my top contenders.

| image courtesy of instyle.com photo by Christian Vierig |

Pleated Skirt

Hutch Tulle Pleated Skirt

Pleated Midi Skirt

Perth Skirt

woman in red pants

image courtesy of The Fold |

Something Red

Gaspard Cardigan

Cassette Silk Dress

Wide Tailored Press Crease Trousers

V-Neck Linen Maxi Dress

kamperett dress

image courtesy of Kamperett |

Something Sheer

Meiere Midi

Prisca Skirt

Semi-sheer Gathered Silk Shirt


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