For 2023, I've decided to lighten up a bit and choose joy.  So in that spirit, this month's edit is a round up of things that have brought me joy this month.  

ebon moss bachrach

| image courtesy of esquire magazine |

Season 2 of The Bear

winged victory the louvre

This book The Louvre | All the Paintings and this book Marrakech Flair.  Both take me back to my grand European adventure earlier this year.  

This quiz:  Find Your Genius Persona.  Mine is Leonardo DaVinci.  Who is yours?

dog on beach

| image courtesy of anthimos ntagkas |

Anthimos Ntagkas' Instagram account, full of funny coincidences he sees on the street. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Podcast Wiser Than Me.


image courtesy of people magazine |

 Barbenheimer !

The Drive-In Burger at Lovely's in Oakland. And a nice evening with Katie in their beer garden.  

van gogh vestibule in the asylum

| image courtesy of the van gogh museum |

The Van Gogh Museum's new digital archive of over 1500 works by the artist.  

jane birkin paris house

| image courtesy of architectural digest france |

This fun article in French AD showing Jane Birkin in her Paris house in the 90s

This list:  Summer (un)Schooling - Ten Things Worth Doing This Summer

My new black Satellite Stompers



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