COVID got me in Europe, so I am currently waiting it out, quarantined in Budapest.  Which means I'm watching lots of movies in the dark with a bag of potato chips from the mini bar. 

Some recently re-discovered favorites are

home again

| image courtesy of the los angeles times |

Home Again.  A sweet story directed by Nancy Meyers' daughter, so you know the set design is divine.  Total eye candy.  

The Netflix documentary Reversing Roe.   Good information, clear story telling, and a groundwork of understanding for the generations of women to young to have lived in a pre-Roe world. 

The Netflix series Our Great National Parks narrated by Barack Obama.  

The Way I See It about Pete Souza, Barack Obama's and Ronald Reagan's presidential photographer.  

Exit Through the Gift Shop, a fun exploration on the reclusive street artist Banksy.  

The Red Violin.  My all time favorite movie, that follows the 400 year history of a violin from the 1600s to the late 1990s.  I'm under-selling it. It's a visual feast and the story telling is beautiful. 

Anything and everything by Nancy Meyers.  I've seen them all, but I adore the set design and wardrobe.  And the love stories are fun and up-lifting.  

Top Gun Maverick.  I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but this movie is good summer fun.  My daughter Katie and I have seen it three times and honestly....we'd go back for one more.  (I didn't see this here in Budapest, but this list would not be complete without it)


Laurie Furber