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Elsie's Edit | January Edition

Elsie's Edit | January Edition

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 woman laughing

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For 2023, I've decided to lighten up a bit and choose joy.  So in that spirit, this month's edit is a round up of things that have brought me joy this month.  

Planning my spring six week mini-sabbatical.

A text from my dad saying he was starting this book I had recommended to him.  

women in cafe

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A ham and cheese baguette at La Note with Anna.  And the La Labo Shower Oil she gave me as an early birthday gift.  

pink roses on street

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Jo Malone Red Rose perfume

woman with longchamp pliage bag

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Longchamp's customizable Pliage travel bags

imprimerie du marais stationary

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Cards in my snail mail. 

The vinyl listening lounge Bar Shiru across the street from my house.  

Big white shirts & cashmere socks

reading newspaper in the window

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The Sunday New York Times and Yolo Journal