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Elsie's Edit | February Edition

Elsie's Edit | February Edition

| image courtesy of karis marie photography |

Elsie's Edit | February Edition

For 2023, I've decided to lighten up a bit and choose joy.  So in that spirit, this month's edit is a round up of things that have brought me joy this month.  

zadig and voltaire heart sweater

| image courtesy of garmentory |


mario grassi chairs

These Matteo Grassi arm chairs that just arrived on our last container. 

leon bridges gq magazine

| image courtesy of gq |

 Leon Bridges Radio  and this article in GQ magazine.  

The red camelias growing outside our showroom and blooming branches everywhere in northern California.

dr wilkinsons hot springs mud bath

| image courtesy of resort pass |

Dr. Wilkinson's Backyard Resort and Mineral Springs

Copenhagen Fashion Week

andie swim amalfi swimsuit

| image courtesy of responsible brands |

The Andie Swim Amalfi swimsuit

The Assouline series of travel books.  Andie got my collection started this year with The Carlyle.   

re/done jeans

| image courtesy of de smet nyc |

Re/Done Jeans.  These womens' silhouettes made from men's vintage levi's have quickly become my favorite jeans in my closet.  

This post about the Elsie Green shopgirls' signature scents.  We do all smell very good.