Like most of you, we've been staying cosy in our homes, minimizing our time outdoors and only occasionally stepping outside when we need to feel the fresh air wash over us. These brief moments outside have not only soothed us and elevated our moods, but also got us thinking about the inspiration that can be found in nature. The next time you step outside for a walk we suggest you bring a pair of garden clippers along and see what you can find to pull a bit of spring into your home. 

To bring the beauty of outdoors in we've been looking to an Elsie essential, our Vintage Pickling Jars. Once used for pickling vegetables in an Eastern European pantry, we've found that they are now the ideal vessel for adorning your home with foraged flowers and branches. We love that they come in a variety of sizes and the loveliest subtle shades of blue, green and amber. Here is some inspiration for what we think is the perfect vessel, one that we continue to fall in love with over and over again. 

We've found that styling our space with greenery, flowers and branches is a simple way to bring serenity and joy into our homes and we hope that it may fill your home with a sense of lightness as well.

xx, The Elsie Team

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Sepi Shokouh
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