We love to utilize our vintage bread boards for practical uses such as prepping and slicing or for putting together a beautiful charcuterie board for a gathering with friends, but our favorite thing to do is display them decoratively in our kitchens. Either individually or in stacks, we think our vintage bread boards look so charming styled on a countertop or hanging on the wall. We've rounded up a few of our favorite photo's for you where vintage bread boards were styled perfectly, adding a touch of character and interest within each space.

beige kitchen cabinets
| image courtesy of Ellei Home |
black kitchen cabinets
| image courtesy of Devol Kitchens |
round bread board
| image courtesy of BSL Studios |
zellige tile in kitchen
| image courtesy of @forestbound |
jersey ice cream co

 | image courtesy of @jerseyicecreamco |

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Sepi Shokouh
Tagged: design