I am writing this from Paris, so the City of Light is inspiring my list of things I'm excited about this month

woman with coffee and croissant

Croissants of any kind.  No matter where one buys them or what type one buys, they're just better in Paris.  My favorite places to find them:

Le Moulin de la Vierge

Cafe Pouchkine

La Maison d'Isabelle

 rue mouffetard paris

Rue Mouffetard

The oldest street in Paris, filled with every delicious thing:  cheese, pastries, chocolate, baguettes, fruit.  One rainy morning, on my friend Pallavi's recommendation, I walked to Rue Mouffetard, collected two bags of treats, and made my way back to the hotel for a picnic in the lounge. 

Atelier Brancusi Paris

| image courtesy of this is glamorous |

Atelier Brancusi

I've visited many museums in Paris, and each trip I try to take in a new one.  This time, it was Atelier Brancusi.  The artist's studio has been faithfully preserved in a small gallery next to the Centre Pompidou and is free to the public.  

suede pouch merci

These suede pouches from Merci.  I bought one for my euros after an embarrassing display at the metro ticket machine trying to dig wet euros out of the bottom of my wet bag with wet hands.

This French music playlist that has been the sound track for my trip.  

This online French school, which I've been using to improve my fluency in preparation for my trip. Merci beaucoup Coucou.  Ca va bien. 

grande gallerie d'evolution

| image courtesy of battered luggage |

Grande Gallerie d'Evolution

This natural history museum is a visual feast:  the building, the exhibits and the curation are all impeccable.  

The casual street style spotted in Paris:

Kujten Cashmere Sweaters 

Veja Minotaur Leather Sneakers

Very wide leg trousers or denim

An oversized overcoat or classic trench




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