Sometimes a passing comment or question in the shop can develop into a lengthy conversation about a variety of topics. That's what happened today when a comment about a film one of the gals had just watched on Netflix turned into an hour long conversation filled with laughter and confessions about guilty pleasures we normally don't divulge. Read on to find out about a few of our EG gals small self indulgences that came to light.

Andie and Sepi realized that they share a similar guilty pleasure: Rom-Coms. They're slightly embarrassed(but not really) to admit that these are some of their favorites.

To All The Boys I Loved Before
Kissing Booth
Someone Great


Terra confessed that she loves Romance novels. Her pro tip: Read them on your iPad so no one can see the cover of what you're reading.

Kelsey's guilty pleasure is one that we're all familiar with in the shop. She can't help but listen to her current favorite song on repeat. We'll often find ourselves hearing the same song up to 10 times in one day!

Michele's indulgence is a little more sweet; she can never say no to a rice krispie treat. This is one of her favorite recipes.

Laurie's guilty pleasure is less of a secret and more of a recommendation. On several occasions she has suggested that we all try this peeling foot mask. Finally, after today's conversation, all the gals agreed that they would give it a go.

Have you heard of Gossip Girl Roulette? Neither had I until Katie let us in on her guilty pleasure. She'll pick a season of Gossip Girl one through six, then she'll randomly select an episode number within that season and watch whatever episode that corresponds with that number.

Days like today are some of my favorite at the shop.

xx, Sepi
September 18, 2020 — Laurie Furber