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Playing Favorites

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Playing Favorites

We're not supposed to play favorites.  Every piece from one of our shopping trips is special.  But of course, there's always that one thing that tugs the heart strings.  

For me, it's the hand carved alabaster tray we found in a flea market in Lyon

For Sepi, it's the lovely and very detailed portrait of a French femme that we found in a flea market in Le Mans

For Kelsey, it's these well-worn molds once used to make St. Nectaire  cheese

For Terra it's the vintage sawhorse dining table that shows just the faintest hint of its former color blue before it was sanded down to the raw wood.

Michele's very favorite sold on the first day, but a close second is this portrait of a pensive woman glancing away from the artist.  

JP's favorite is this very large zinc barrel, big enough for an olive tree, and blackened with time and use

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