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Decorating with Vintage Bread Boards

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Decorating with Vintage Bread Boards
french bread board
a collection of vintage bread boards of different sizes and provenance gives your collection the appearance of having been built over a lifetime
Vintage French bread boards are the perfect way to add a little dose of vintage to a modern kitchen.  Obviously.  But we also love to use one as a tray on our coffee table, as a backdrop in our built-in cabinetry, or as a tray in our bathroom for pretty toiletries.  Because each bread board is its own unique work of art, we find we can use one in each room without feeling like we're resorting to a decorating formula.  
Feast your eyes on some inspiration and start a French bread board collection of your own.  Before you know it, you'll be the subject matter expert in your group of friends and family on vintage French bread boards, where to find them, and the best way to decorate with them.  
vintage bread board narrow
a dramatic bread board is perfect for adding a touch of drama to a simple vignette
vintage bread board bread
there are so many sizes and shapes of bread boards to choose, your collection will always be unique
bread boards on wall
bread boards on a wall on a restaurant in Copenhagen make beautiful, simple wall decor


bread boards with portrait


adding something unique into the mix and you display your collection gives it an extra touch of personality
vintage bread board coat rack
bread boards on a coat rack in the kitchen are a nice substitute for conventional wall decor
vintage bread board apples
bread boards make a lovely base for a display of fresh botanicals

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