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Our Holiday Cookbook Roundup

Our Holiday Cookbook Roundup

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We all know that the joy of eating over the holidays is accompanied by hours in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean that those hours can't be joyful too. We have curated a list of cookbooks to get you through the holiday season - with delicious recipes, thorough instruction and inspiration that will deepen your love of food (if that is possible).  Enjoy x 

The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters

This cookbook is a collection of timeless recipes, made accessible for people of all culinary skill levels. Waters reaches for seasonal produce, and shows you how to ensure your meal is perfectly balanced in texture, colour and flavour. 

SUQAR by Greg Malouf & Lucy Malouf

SUQAR, meaning 'Sugar' in Arabic, is a collection of sweet treat recipes inspired by Middle eastern cuisine, tradition and flavour. Think pistachios with honey and cinnamon, rosewater, citrus, saffron, figs and dates. The recipes are inclusive of a broad range of sweets, from baked desserts, to ice cream, to drinks.  

Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan by Bryant Terry

Vegetable Kingdom is a guide to the fundamentals of plant-based cooking, centred around vegetables, grains and legumes. The book is organised by the primary ingredients of the dish, making it easy to create simple side dishes or main meals from the seasonal ingredients available to you. blueberry pie

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Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz

Dessert Person is the perfect book for those of us with a sweet tooth, but little confidence in our ability to prepare treats for ourselves and our guests. Saffitz provides common problems and solutions for each recipe, practical do's and don'ts and step by step photography alongside her recipes to help guide you through the process. What would we do without her. 

Home by Stephanie Alexander

Home offers a range of recipes that beautifully combine ingredients for everyday eating. Throughout the book, Stephanie attempts to deepen her readers appreciation for food through the inclusion of essays on people, places and experiences that inspired her delicious creations. 

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