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Color Crush | Green

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Color Crush | Green
We are currently obsessing over the color green.  Perhaps it's the warmer weather coming our way that has us itching for colors that remind us of sunshine in California.  On the other hand, we love the versatility of the color green.  Its' ability to transition throughout the seasons is unmatched.  Paired with the right colors / patterns and given a specific texture, green is a boldly beautiful addition to a space no matter the season.
these two green cabinets are painted in the most beautiful shades of green and compliment eachother perfectly
Color Crush | Green
these green pendant lights are a beautiful pop of color against a wall of neutral art

we love the look of this two-toned interior paint
Color Crush | Green
beautiful green olive branches act as the main pop of color and texture in this vignette
this room is filled with so many green things that we adore - a vintage pickling jar, vintage oil bottles and beautiful green textiles
things we daydream about: beautiful cabinets filled with pretty vintage ironstone and porcelain


here are some of our favorite Elsie Green pieces currently in the shop that come in the prettiest hues of green.


xx, The Elsie Team

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