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I am a neutrals gal through and through. Never ever have I dipped my toe into the world of color. And yet, here I am crushing on all things chartreuse. 
Chartreuse is a color that often gets overlooked in the world of fashion and decor. It's not quite green and not quite yellow, but somewhere in between. This vibrant and fresh hue can add a bold statement to any outfit or room.

 Enjoy a petite round up of everything I am crushing on these days. 

Freda Salvador Sandals

freda salvador sandal neon citron chartreuse

J. Hannah nail color

hands chartreuse nail color green pistachio

Baggu Nylon Crescent Bag

baggu crescent bag fanny pack pistachio chartreuse gingham purse

Serena and Lily tapers

bright green candles tapers chartreuse neon brass candlesticks

Modern neon earrings

neon modern hand made clay earrings

Chartreuse bikini

two pieced ribbed cloth bikini chartreuse green

Lime cotton mini dress

lime cotton mini dress chartreuse woman

Modern chartreuse dinnerware

modern chartreuse dinnerware dinner plate green


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Kelsey Schmidt
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