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Casual Fashion for a Dinner at Home

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Casual Fashion for a Dinner at Home


Here at Elsie Green, we’re big fans of a night out at a trendy restaurant. The beautiful decor, the strong cocktails, the sweet treats for dessert, and of course, the chance to dress up a little. However, these days, our dinner plans look a little different. We’re trading our velvet blazers and heeled boots for matching sweats sets and slippers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep it chic even at home. Here are some of our personal favorite fashion pieces for a relaxing dinner at home (that we may even keep reaching for once the world is back to normal).

red sweater and jeans at home


This Everlane sweater is perfect with your favorite leggings or comfy jeans, and the bright red makes it feel extra special for the holidays.

These pants are well-suited for a night at home (or even TV dinner), because their wide leg and soft corduroy are (almost) as comfy as your sweatpants, but a little more pulled together.

girl wearing sweater and corduroys


While we love to feel put-together in a pair of jeans, sometimes sweatpants are the only thing that will do. Try this matching set to channel that cool not-even-trying look we all strive for.

We are so happy that the house dress is making a comeback in 2020. Invest in a comfy, timeless version of this trend, and you’ll reach for it over and over again.

linen housedress on a couch


We love these J. Crew camp socks. They’re perfect with jeans, pajamas, or sweats, but mostly curled up by the fire with a winter cocktail.

If you find yourself always reaching for your thickest socks as the temperature drops, try these comfy slippers instead. Or maybe both? There are no rules in lockdown. Try either of these pairs we love: from Freda Salvador or Anthropologie.

sweatshirt and jeans on patio


Another favorite of ours for staying home is a pair of soft Mary Janes. This pair is perfect for making a night in feel as special as a night out.

No night in is complete without a super-soft robe. This one is perfect for your pre-bedtime skincare ritual, or just for lounging.

pink deiji linen pajama set


Two words for you: pajama jumpsuit.

And sometimes, on a Friday night with a glass of rose in hand, the only thing you can think about is slipping into your pajamas. If quarantine has taught me anything, it’s the magic of satin pajamas. Try this washable set from Lunya.

linen pajamas at the beach


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